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ms photo editor: Applying Special Effects
The special effects commands are located above the separator line on the Effects menu. 1. Select all or part of an image. 
2. On the Effects menu, click the effect you want to apply. 
3. Make any adjustments you want. 

Cropping Pictures by photo editor

Hey everyone. I was wondering how do you crop a picture so where only a certain item was cropped. For example if I wanted to crop a person out of a picture so them and only them is removed, nothing else. I have a picture of someone that I want to use but I dont want all the extra white in the background. How can I do this.

it is hard to be specific when we do not know the program, but normaly you need to make a selection - generally a rectangular one of the area you want to keep - some programs let you crop to a lasso selection. then you'd use the crop tool - it could be under the image flyout. but get back to us if you are having problems doing this.

increase  speed of photoshop photo editor?
Hello, I was just wondering if there is a way to increase the over all speed or rendering speed in adobe photoshop cs 2. I have a fairly fast computer, but when I run photoshop the program seems to run kinda delayed. Any ideas on making this faster or increasing it performance would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a few things to try...

Defrag your hard drive and make sure there's plenty of free space for temp files.

How much RAM have you got, and what are your Windows swap file settings? You could experiment with the settings in Preferences > Memory & Image Cache.

Reduce hardware acceleration in Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced, then reboot. If this doesn't help, set it back to full acceleration to prevent problems in other programs.

Update your graphics card drivers.

Reduce the number of undo levels to avoid wasting memory.

Use a separate partition or preferably a second hard drive for your scratch disk.

Are there many other files in the same folder as the file being rendered?

How many fonts do you have installed? Try turning off Font Preview

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