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ms photo editor Changing the Resolution of an Image
1. On the File menu, click Properties. 
2. In the Resolution box, type the value you want. 
3. Click OK. 

photoshop layer mask : image editing

Is it possible to automate the following process:
add layer mask and apply layer mask. If so this would save time and the only
thing you have to concentrate about is to draw the masks.
Truthfully, I've never used one, but a mentor told me about using one for a big project he had to do. Google "macro tool" or "macro utility" for photoshop, your results would be more informative than what I could tell you. For two steps, it may not even be worth the time/investment. It's really the kind of thing that you'd want to use if you needed to repeat a 15 step process. I'd say your best bet would probably be to get the CS upgrade if that's an option. (You probably won't find a legit macro tool for free anyway, I could be very wrong though).

Photo editing and printing

I have a Canon Pixma IP4000R printer, and for whatever reason, its very difficult to get a printed image with the same brightness/color contrast that I had already setup on the computer.... Can you give me any pointers or good software to use? 

My computer screen is 19" Benq LCD, brightness usually set to middle. So whenever I finished editing my pictures, the final print either looks too dark or too bright..... This is what prevented me from printing larger scales even though I wanted to.. 

Any help is appreciated. 
You can also calibrate your printer along with calibrating your monitor so the two profiles work together to eliminate some of the surprises you've encountered. There are several manufacturers out there that sell the software/hardware necessary. Here is a URL you can use as a starting point to help evaluate the various products and brands: http://www.chromix.com/ColorGear/Shop/ProductList.cxsa?refcode=cmpgen&-session=tx:04EA69400c8ce0D9CFYqW43AA5CF

What's the best photo editor to use to remove an un wanted object from a photo,

What's the best programme to use to remove an un wanted object from a photo, and is it easy to do? I have a lovely pic of a waterlily but there's a leaf just intruding over one petal!

i would say photoshop....and onece you know how to do it its fairly straight forward 

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