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ms photo editor: Erasing All or Part of an Image
1. Select all or part of the image. 
2. On the Edit menu, click Cut. 

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Canceling or Removing a Selection
To cancel an active selection, press the ESC button on your keyboard. 

To cancel an existing selection and make a new one, draw a box over the new area you want to select. 

NOTE: You must draw the boundary for the selection outside of the existing selection. 

To remove a selection you just pasted, click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar. 
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Adobe Photoshop Elements 3: language in this photo editor

I have recently been given a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. When I put the disc in to install it, all the dialogue was in French. I progressed through the install anyway, and when I got to the bit with the licence agreement it prompted me for a language. This allowed me to view the licence agreement in English, but after this everything went back to French.

Is there anyway that I can make this application run in English? Maybe there is an option that I cannot find as it is in French, or perhaps a file that I can download and install? Any help would be much appreciated
Jst, I'm not sure what to tell you here. Usually, language options are controlled by the OS as opposed to the program. I'm not familiar with the Elements version of Photoshop, so I can't tell you much about language support. Was the disk you were given a French version? Most of the vis. arts staff is better with design issues than technical issues. Hopefully someone will come through with an answer.

RAW images editing?

What I am looking for is a grid or template that I can turn on and off in Photoshop that will show me on one of my RAW images what it would look like as a 5x7 crop, a 8X10 crop and like a 11x14 crop......basicly all the popular sizes. Just some dotted color grid lines to show where it would crop at on the photo. 

I know Express Photo has this feature at my studio and I would love to find something similar in Photoshop. There has to be some sort of plugin or template that adds a feature like this.
I usually use the cropping tool and set it to 4x5 or 5x7 or whatever. The advantage of this over the grid you're describing is that you can make multiple crops of different sizes that have a particular aspect ratio. It still lets you visualize the image before committing to a crop.

using RAW: photo editing problem

Can somebody give me some very basic information for using RAW. Currently I use Photoshop 5.5(I haven't upgraded in forever). So if I shoot in RAW and make corrections in RAW Essentials(which I just downloaded) how do I convert these files over to PS? Use Batch Convert? Can you convert to B&W in RAW? Crop? 

I'm trying to figure out what to do in RAW and then what to do in Photoshop. Thanks for the help!
Ok, I'll take a stab at this. What you really want to accomplish in RSE (or RAW processor) is to get the maximum range out of the image prior to passing it on to an image editing program (i.e. Photoshop). Use the exposure and shadow sliders to get the most out of your RAW data. Use brightness to adjust the midtones. You can also adjust the color temperature to make a shot warmer or cooler if the white/color balance was a bit off or misinterpreted by your camera. 

PS 5.5 will take .tif file output from RSE in a lossless manner. You will probably want to set RSE to 8 bit output as well, since 5.5 won't do much (if anything) with 16 bit data. 

I believe you can do batch processing in RSE if you want and if the shots all need the same corrections in RSE. I wouldn't recommend passing an entire batch into PS at one time though unless you have a ton of RAM (2 Gb or more) or you'll probably bring your system to a grinding halt. 

You can convert an image to B&W in RSE by completely desaturating the image although this is not a very good technique in practice. Much better to import the full color image into PS and use channels to get the B&W image you want. 

You can crop and straighten in RSE if that fits your workflow.

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