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ms photo editor: Rotating an Image

1. Open or create a new image.

2. On the Image menu, click Rotate.

3. Select any Orientation and Image options you want, and then click OK.

NOTE: If you select By Degree under Orientation, type a number or click the arrows to select the degrees you want.


Adobe have announced a new photo editing program

Adobe have announced a new program today which seems like an answer to apples aperture.

Adobe has called the new program lightroom. It is based towards digital photographers more than photoshop.

Full info:


Looks like a promising program, and maybe will entice me to learn more about the processing side than photoshop did


It's a pretty slick interface, sure, but the video talks nothing about the "darkroom" section, except to say its an ehanced version of Camera Raw, and more info will come later. Well, if I had a Mac, I'd download the beta and try it. I'm sure one of the PT Mac users will give it a test run and provide a review soon.


Photoshop to edit photo and transfer layer

I was wondering if there was a way to transfer a layer mask onto another layer in another file.

What happened was that I spent a lot of time masking a 2 exposure shot just to find out later that I had neglected to check the horizon.

So I wanted to start from scratch with the DNG file. and just move the blending mask over from the tiff that I save from the first go into the new and improve (meaning level) picture.

Is this possible?



If you alt-click on the little icon of the layer mask (the white box that appears to the right of the layer in the layers palette) the screen will display only the layer mask you've clicked on. You can select all and copy that layer mask.

Then go to the layer where you want to paste it, create a new layer mask, alt-click on that new layer, and paste. Voila.

The only difficulty will be if the images are different sizes, i.e. one has been resized. The layer mask will be the size of its source file -- so if you resize it to 800x533 you'll no longer be able to paste it successfully onto an original size (i.e. 6 megapixel) image. It will paste, but it will be the wrong size.


Use your own colours in PS to edit your photo

i was just wondering if you can use your own colours in PS ie: if you have one pic that has a nice blue sky and another pic that has an BOH sky is it poss to use the colour from the good pic to the bad pic in some way if yes then plz could you leave exact instructions on how to add your own colours into PS so you can use that colour again on another pic i would apprecaite any advice in this matter thanq guys.


The only way I can think of to do this would be to actually copy the sky you like and use it in the 'bad' photo. First select the sky from the 'good' photo and use Edit>Copy (or Ctrl-C) to copy the selection to the clipboard. Then go back to the 'bad' photo and select the whole sky area. Then use Edit>Paste Into Selection [do NOT use Ctrl-V] to paste the 'good' sky into the 'bad' sky area. You will then have to play around with it in terms of placement (moving it) and size. The 'good' sky insert will I think be in a separate layer of its own, making it a bit easier to work with. You can easily change the brightness, contrast and colors to better match the 'good' pohto.

On both photos, you can make the selection using any of the selection tools (magic wand, lasso, magnetic lasso, selection brush, etc.). This will all be easier to do if the skyline is not too cluttered (like a roof top) and will be difficult if not impossible to do if you have lots of tree branches or other complications.

Scott Kelby's books Photoshop CS2 for Digital Photographers and Photoshop Elements 3 for Digital Photographers have a section on this very topic - copying sky from one picture to another

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