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ms photo editor: Cropping an Image

1. Click the Select button on the Standard toolbar, and draw a box around the area of your image you want to keep.

2. On the Image menu, click Crop.

3. Select the options you want, and then click OK.

NOTE: You can combine cropping and matting to create attractive framing effects.


Photo Printing and Editing

i have an HP photo printer, works fine works good, but i have one thing id like to change about the software, it will print, 1 pic per page up to 4, then it skips to 35, i would like to fit 6 onto one page, is there anyway i can upgrade my current software to do this? Or can you suggest a good FREE program i can use to do this, all i want is to print, 6 pics per page landscape (horizontaly ^^). Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Did it not come with HP Photo software? The album creator allows you to select the photos you want to print, select a 6 photo template and drag/drop each photo in.

What makes up HP Photo and Imaging software?

You could try Picasa from google, its free but not sure about the layout selections. http://picasa.google.com/features/features-print.html


Edit RAW images?

I was working with some RAW images, adjusting, converting, etc. and noticed that after I saved the JPG image, it was only aroung 500k. Is this right, since the original RAW image was over 7 MB?


The crop tool can change the resolution of the picture, just make sure you leave the Resolution box blank. If you crop with a number like 72 or 100 in the resolution box you will throw a lot of pixels out.


Photo editor recommending, please

i wonder if anyone knows of a simple (and hopefully cheap) program that will solve my problem. I have several hundred photos of varying dimensions. Some are landscape and others are portrait. I need to create images of uniform size to use in a video editing program. What I need is to pull the photo in, center it on the "slide" and fill the unused space with a background color.

Batch capability is a need as well if at all possible.

I know Powerpoint will perform a similar function but the quality of the images it outputs is pretty week.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Ok, this doesn't do EVERYTHING you asked, but Windows has an add-on which is a picture resizer. It plugs in straight into Explorer. Just select the pictures you want and choose resize. No matter what the resolution of the photos, it will resize them to a set size. (it doesnt do background colouring)

Its part of the XP power tools pack and can be downloaded here:


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