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Canon photo editing software.

I have just got Photoshop CS2 and am about to install it, I want to remove the canon software not necessary or no longer needed. But I do not know whats essential. I have a 350D


If you purchase a card reader you don't need any of the Canon software. I don't think the software will conflict with any other software and it takes up very little of your hard-drive space so I am not sure what you would gain by being free of these programs.


ms photo editor Sharpening Part of an Image

The Sharpen Brush increases the difference between adjacent gray values when you drag the brush across the image. 1. Click the Sharpen button on the Standard toolbar.

2. Drag the pointer over the area you want to sharpen.


CS vs. CS2: which photo editor is better?

Anyone else out there using Adobe Creative Suite 2? If so, do you like the changes, or think its just another way to make people fork over more money for new technology...


I've tried the photoshop that comes with CS2- I'm trying out the demo now...and I can't honestly say I can see any difference between this and Photoshop 7, which is the last one I'd tried before this. That's not to say there isn't anything, but for the small number of things I use it for, it makes no difference to me.


The more I workk with PS, the more I don't know! too complex photo editor

I know how to batch change when changing the size of the pix. I take them either in RAW or in large JPG. There are times when I want to make the pics smaller in size and resolution.

But...is there a way to change the resolution in batch instead of individual pictures. They usually are 300 and I either change them to 72 or 100. Makes the file sizes much easier to include in an email etc.


If you shoot in RAW and you want to make email-able small-ish jpg files simply use File Bridge, select all the files you want to convert, use the Tools pulldown menu, then Photoshop menu item, then Image processor (or something like that). This will bring up a dialog box in PS with many choices. Choose the place/folder you want to save the generated files into, then choose JPG and give a max pixel size of something like 800 width and 800 length (this will not change the aspect ratio, just hold the max dimension to 800 pixels). Then choose image quality (10 is usuallt good enough) and for viewing on a screen you should select the box that says convert to sRGB.

This will process all selected files to JPG in the folder you specified (it creates a sub folder called JPEG in that folder).

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