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ms photo editor Zooming In or Out of an Image

You can change the magnification using either of the following methods: ? In the Zoom Control box on the Standard toolbar, type or select the magnification you want.


? Click the Zoom button on the Standard toolbar. ? To zoom in, click the area you want to enlarge.

? To zoom out, hold down SHIFT and click the area you want to shrink.

When you are done, click the Zoom button again to cancel the Zoom feature.

NOTE: While the Zoom feature is selected, each click doubles or halves the magnification within the range of 10 percent to 1600 percent.



The GIMP (free photo editor) can be used in WinXP?

I was wondering...do any of you use GIMP? Cause I do (on WinXP) but I am not that good.....


I prefer Photoshop, but if you're looking for help with Gimp, you can download an HTML version of a tutorial book, Grokking The GIMP, from http://gimp-savvy.com/BOOK/

I'm not a very artistic person, but I do use The GIMP on Linux and Windows. The best I can do is simple image editing, resizing, etc. I don't need the full features that it offers as I wouldn't know how to use them anyway. Recently I made my first animated gif. It was a proud moment for me.


Photoshop Elements will handl Raw? photo editor

is photoshop elements much different than cs2?

will it handle raw shooting?


I've used Elements 2.0 and 3.0 and I've used Photoshop CS and CS2 (which is now my program).

There are advantages and disadvantages of each. As far as Elements go, it handles RAW images very well, and I found when I upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 that it became a complex, self-respecting editing program. There is a LOT that you can do with Elements. Combine that with its nice price tag and it's really a good deal. Add free plug-ins for curves, channel mixer, and for layer masks and it's very close to Photoshop functionally. I'd imagine with the newer Elements 4.0 it's even better.

Now for people like me who need absolute control over ever aspect of editing CS2 is the way to go. It's a bit less user friendly than Elements, but it's fine -- you get used to whatever you use. Things that Photoshop can do that Elements can't do (or can't do well) are 1) a more complete RAW editor, 2) working in multiple color spaces (you're stuck in RGB with elements), 3) very complex masking capabilities. All 3 of these are huge -- I routinely use the tone curve in Adobe Camera RAW, I routinely edit in LAB color and ProPhoto RGB, and if you read my layer mask tutorial you'll see how complicated masking can be.

But if you're just getting started you're probably going to be overwhelmed by the full Photoshop, and it isn't a huge investment to use Elements for a year or two and then upgrade.

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