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ms photo editor :Creating a New Image with a Colored Background

1. On the File menu, click New.

2. Click Color.

3. Click the color you want and then click OK.

4. Click OK again.


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Using GIMP to edit photos

Have a couple of equipment shots that might need some more tweaking. Light was terrible and I did what I could with that. Also did what I could in PS killing bright spots and cleaning things up.

What else can be done?? Posted URLs here for large sizes. Thanks.

RE:Well, I'd start by tweaking the color balance, especially in the first photo (with the monitor and speakers); it's shifted too much towards red. If you've got Photoshop, go to Image>Color Balance... and shift the sliders a little away towards the redder colors. Be sure to preview it as you're doing it so you can find values that work. I fiddled around with it myself in the GIMP using these values:

Next, you'd probably want to accentuate the highlights and shadows a bit more, since most of the color seems to be around the midtone range. Do this by adjusting the levels (Image>Levels...) and drag around the end sliders ever so slightly a little towards the center. Here are the values I used:


RAW Image editing

As you probably can tell I am a complete novice when it comes to digital workflow. As well as shooting high volumes of RAW files in one session. I have been having my camera for quite some time now and all I have ever printed were images taken as jpegs. Hence they were already sharpened, compressed, etc... in camera.

My question is: How much post processing must be done to simply print 4x6 images from RAW files. Keep in mind that the 4x6's will be primarly for keeping the family content as they can't stand viewing vacation shots on a computer. Their expectations of photographs are not nearly as high as mine and the images will not have to be perfect for thier liking.

I usually shoot jpeg out of fear of shooting primarily RAW. I am just worried that some of my planned and composed shots i.e. not candids will beg for some post processing and they will NEED to be RAW shots. So I figure if I shoot exclusively RAW I will won't have to go back and forth.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


can't shoot in RAW so I shoot in Jpeg, however I can't see you have a problem, you have to convert the RAW file to some other format even to edit in Photoshop or other editor, and once you have it in your image editor you can save it in as many different formats as you like.

Your shots do not need to be RAW to be edited, all my editing is done on Jpegs, don't get too hung up with the great "Jpeg bogey" it is not as bad as some make out, I can also shoot Tiff an un-compressed format and I honestly can not when viewing on my monitor discern any difference.

My 1.5Mb Jpegs produce great 6x4 prints

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