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ms photo editor; Previewing an Image Before Opening It

1. On the File menu, click Open.

2. Select the image you want to preview.

3. Click Preview.

The Preview dialog box appears. You can crop, resize, or cancel the preview. To crop the image, drag the edge of the frame in the preview window. To resize the image, drag any corner of the frame. To accept the cropping or resizing changes, click OK. To cancel the preview, click Cancel. To restore the image to its original settings, click Reset.

NOTE: You cannot increase the size of the picture and you cannot resize the image proportionately.


PMView Pro: Image viewer, editor, and convertor

Image viewer, editor, and convertor. PMView Pro features support for over 40 file formats, automatic thumbnailing, thumbnail image browsing, screen capture utility, TWAIN interface for scanners, image filtering and more.


Photoshop 6.1 problem (photo editor)

I can setup Photoshop 6.1 and use it successfully on my pc, but the rest of my programs are hanging. When I open Photoshop it pops up with a window that tells me I should put Photoshop 'Scratch and Window' volume on another volume, ie. on another drive.

I don't understand what this means. Could anyone shed some light in this regard?


CS2 is the latest version of Photoshop (not sure about Elements). Though it doesn't apply much to photo processing, depending on the use people make of layers, of course, but I'm ticked you can't CTRL-Click on a layer and have the layer's pixels be selected. I know that functionality existed in PS 7 (the ctrl-click), and I can't understand why that was removed.

At the office, I use PS 5.5 still. The fact that it's old really shouldn't matter. Mostly, newer versions have new tools (like the healing brush), and the menu opti

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