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Using Microsoft Photo Editor Effects Menu(6)


Produces an effect similar to embosses, except the final product is in black and white only, no color. Use the slider bars to adjust the image balance, graininess and relief of the pattern. Drag the square in the preview window and press the Preview button to preview the change you've specified with the Effect controls.


Produces an effect similar to a watercolor painting. Use the slider bars to adjust the brush detail, shadow intensity, and texture of the final picture. Drag the square in the preview window and press the Preview button to preview the change you've specified with the Effect controls.


Photoshop is not a complex photo editor in fact

Photoshop can be overwhelming at first but after you get the hang of it it's actually very easy to get the effect your looking for. You really just have to jump in there and start playing around. I'd suggest learning what each and every tool is used for. As stated above, scan a pic or save one from the web and start trying out the different tools, brushes, filters, etc. The way I learned how to use photoshop is buy simply trying to follow the online tutorials. Some are more difficult but there are many out there that are very easy to follow. I used to visit this site when I was learning. http://good-tutorials.com/.


Need a software to edit photoes

I need some photo editing software to edit the photos taken before as a slideshow. Who knows such kind of software, please do me a favor and I will appreciate you very much


I have used one named “DVD Photo Slideshow? It can organize your selected photos as an album and then add effects and transitions to the album. You can visit www.anvsoft.com for free trial.

Photoshop CS and Firework are difficult to study,Photo Collage Studio is easy to use.They are all photo edit software.But aim at general photo edit such as photo collage,scrapbooking,Crop,Flip & Rotation,Gray & Negative,Shadow,Filter etc,I prefer the third for four reason:easy use,save time,save trouble and inexpensive.Feel free to have a try!


Microsoft Image to PS elements: how edit and resize pictures?

I am trying to do the switch from Microsoft Image to PS elements. I need to resize my pictures to 72dpi and 800 pixels can someone tell me how to do this in elements? Also I noticed that when I upload pictures to elements it puts it in Photoshop format, why does it do this? When I wanted to print out a picture it was huge, I have never used Photoshop and I am a little overwhelmed with it. Thank you for the help.


72 dpi is generally accepted as screen resolution (most monitors cant see higher than this), and 300 dpi as print resolution (there are higher print resolutions but this is normal).

A combination of pixel dimensions and dpi will despict the print size, or vice versa.

When changing the dpi from 72 to 300 it will invariably increase the size of the file without increasing quality, so after changing it to 300 you will then have to re-enter the pizel width again (if constrain proportions is checked it will do the height for you. you will then be shown the correct print size below, which can then be reduced/increased to your liking.

Oh and this control should be under Image>Image size (im not so sure about elements but it is in the full version)

When you say it changes it to a .PSD file, thats photoshops default file type, if you just save without changing the file type it will save as a .PSD automatically.

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