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MS Photo editor : Erasing All or Part of an Image

Canceling or Removing a Selection

Using Undo or Redo for the Last Action

Using Undo to Restore Multiple Changes

Adjusting the Image Quality Automatically

Resizing an Image

Cropping an Image

Changing the File Format of an Image

Changing the File Properties


Using Microsoft Photo Editor Effects Menu(2)


Decreases the sharpness of a true color or grayscale image by blurring the difference between the edges of adjoining colors. Drag the strength slider toward weak (0) to apply the least softening or toward strong (10) to apply the most softening.


Applies inverse colors or shades to an image to create a negative of the image. Select the color channels you want to change or deselect a color channel if you don't want to invert it.


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I was going to suggest using GSpot to find out more information about the avi codec, to see if it was compatible with Premiere..... but you'd already solved it by the time I got back online.

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