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ms photo editor:Setting the Quality Factor for a JPEG Image

Setting the Quality Factor for a JPEG Image
1. On the File menu, click Save As.
2. In the Save As Type box, click JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg).
3. Click More.
4. Under JPEG Quality Factor, move the slider left to reduce the file size and image quality, or move the slider right to increase the file size and image qualit

RPE Photo 2.0 Monkeymen for Digital photo resizing
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My photo editor (acd fotocanvas 3) can't open picture?
My photo editor (acd fotocanvas 3) has just gone up the spout and I cant open the picture i need to so I can shrink it down. I click on open and the program closes

I need a new one

I cant find the download for the photo editor that comes with office xp i think it is as ive used that on the ex's pc and found it easy to use


I love Microsoft photo Editor. I searched for it on eMule (file sharing) and sent it to my gf. She can use it standalone, but I can't. I have Office XP though, so I'm not complaining. But yeah, you're talking about Microsoft Photo Editor, and it rocks. Some brown-nosers will tell you you can't download Photo Editor, "that's wrong" but I say go for it. On the shiny side of the coin, try to find Office XP cheap on eBay or Yahoo Shopping. It's a good suite.

FORMATTING the IMAGE using Microsoft Photo Editor

We have completed the first part of our lesson. We have captured digital images using four different methods. We will now look at formatting images before they are inserted into a document. Later we will examine how to format images after they are inserted into a document.

We will use Microsoft Photo Editor to format and edit our digital images. You will see an example of how to use the tools in Microsoft Photo Editor as we edit a picture taken with a digital camera. We will open a file saved on a floppy disk, edit it, and then save it to our Digital Images folder on the desktop.

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