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ACDSee Photo Editor 4.0 new features (3)

Image Basket: Displays thumbnails of any photos you’re working on, so you can see what you’ve got and get an idea of the work you’ve done.

Vignette Tool: Creates stunning portrait-style photos that can go into your family album, or used to make gift cards or pages in a family tree project.

Cookie Cutter Tool: Quickly crop an object or your entire work area into fun shapes including letters, numbers, animals, and more. Give your project a custom look or create unique captions from photos ?the possibilities are endless.

Text Support: Add clever, descriptive, or funny text to your projects. Choose the style and size ?you can even place text in thought bubbles or curve it to a path. Then add a drop shadow for that final look.


Using MS Photo Editor to Crop the photo

When the final scan completes, Photo Editor displays the image inside the editing window. The first edit you need to make is to crop only the content you wish to use in the photo.

Click the Marquee tool and drag a selection rectangle around the area you wish to use. If the image you are editing is a photo of yourself for use in your portfolio, try to drag a selection with equal dimensions (a square).

Select Image / Crop and then click the OK button. Your cropped photo should now look something like this:

Confirm that your zoom level is set to 100% so that your photo will display correctly when you later import it into other documents.

Using MS Photo Editor Creating a thumbnail image

For information, this thumbnail procedure will not work if you are publishing your webpages using Transit Central

A thumbnail is a small version of your image which can be linked to the original larger image. It is recommended that you inform viewers of the file size of the larger image giving a choice as to whether it be downloaded or not.

On the image toolbar click on the Auto Thumbnail button

The image will automatically resize to thumbnail size this is usually 100 pixels wide. A full size image can be viewed here 40KB.

Photo Editor Introduction (2)

Microsoft Photo Editor can be used to rotate, crop, resize, lighten, change resolution, change file format of images and more.

Rotate an Image Resize an Image

Crop an Image Change Resolution of an image

Change the File Format of an Image Set a Transparent Background

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