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Photo Editor - Help Reloading

I had a hard drive crash several months ago. Photo Editor was not reloaded at the time. How do I reload Microsoft Photo Editor.

I have Office 2000, Windows 98SE


Go into Add/Remove Programs, click on Microsoft Office 2000 Disk 1 and do an add. I believe Photo Editor is under the tools option.

Cropy an image by MS Photo editor

: Click the Select Button on the Standard toolbar, and then drag over the area of your image you want to keep.

: On Image in the Menu Bar, click Crop.

: Select the options you want.

To use filers

: Using your mouse, click on the Effect from the Menu Bar.

: Click on the effect you wish to use.

: Follow the directions if any, in the pop up box


Editing features in Picture Manager: MS PHOTO EDITOR

Brightness and contrast Allows you to adjust the difference between light and dark tones. You can use this feature to correct pictures that appear too light or too dark.

Color Allows you to adjust the hue (hue: The color attribute that most readily distinguishes one color from other colors. A color's hue is also its name.) and saturation (saturation: A measure of purity in a color, determined by its movement away from gray. More gray in a color means lower saturation; less gray in a color means higher saturation.). You can use this feature to correct pictures with colors that are tinted or dull.

Crop Allows you to crop (crop: To trim vertical or horizontal edges of an object. Pictures are often cropped to focus attention on a particular area.) out unwanted parts of a picture. You can use this feature to correct pictures that contain distracting elements.


Preparing Images with Animation Shop

Animation Shop is a program included with Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Animation Shop contains tools to help you create animated GIFs (multiple image frames timed and appearing in a certain sequence in one file, creating an animation). Animation Shop has a number of automated tools for animation. For information about creating animated GIFs with Photoshop's ImageReady program, see our Preparing Images with ImageReady tutorial.

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