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Please recommend a photo editor

Does anyone know of any good software for Photo Editing, Animation, and Graph Animation.


I did some research on the net and found those to have the best reviews. I need them for all sorts of editing with Photos, animation, and graph animation. It if for my firm so cost isn't an issue. I just wanted to get some expert opinion on which ones are worth the cost.


Balance an Image by MS Photo editor

: Using your mouse, click on Image in the Menu bar.

: Click on Scan Image.

Rotate an Image:

: To rotate an image 90 degrees clockwise:

: Click Rotate 90 Button on the Standard toolbar.

: To otherwise rotate an image:

: On Image in the Menu Bar, click Rotate.

: Choose the options you want.

: If you select By Degrees, enter the number of degrees of rotation you want in the box, and click the clockwise or counterclockwise option.


MS PHOTO EDITOR: Rotate and Flip

Rotate and Flip Allows you to rotate pictures or flip them on the current axis of the picture. You can use this feature to correct pictures that you have taken sideways for a portrait orientation.

Red eye removal Allows you to remove the red from your picture subjects' eyes caused by the camera's flash. You can use this feature to correct red eyes wherever they appear.

Resize Allows you to change the dimensions of a picture. You can use this feature to enlarge a picture for printing or reduce it to send in e-mail messages or share on the Internet (Internet: A worldwide network of thousands of smaller computer networks and millions of commercial, educational, government, and personal computers. The Internet is like an electronic city with virtual libraries, stores, art galleries, and so on.).

Photo Editor editing features not supported by Picture Manager

Effects Sharpen, Soften, Negative, Despeckle, Posterize, Edge, Chalk and Charcoal, Emboss, Graphic Pen, Notepaper, Watercolor, Stained Glass, Stamp, Texturizer.


Resolution, Pixels & Dots

Let’s take a look at resolution to see how it affects image quality. When you buy a digital camera, they are advertised in terms of their resolution or pixel rate. The highest resolution cameras are rated by megapixels. A 3.4 megapixel camera has 3.4 million pixels. The low end Sony Mavica images are 640x480 or 307,200 pixels.

Watch the video for more information (select fast or slow connection speed depending on your location):

Fast Internet Connection:


Slow Internet Connection (modem)


Review this site for an explanation of resolution:

Wild Portraits: http://www.wildportraits.com/Resolution.htm

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