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MS Photo Editor: Black and white

Hi. I'm trying to put a black mat around a photo, but I only get white, and I don't see any option to change the color. I realize this is a very basic editor, but it's all I have at work.


I haven't compaired specific abilities or ever uses MS Photo Editor, but there are several Freeware programs available that ~may~ have the features you need.


Creating an Image by MS Photo editor

: Using your mouse, click File in the Menu Bar.

: Click on New. A dialog box will appear

: If the information is correct in the pop up box click OK.


: Exiting Microsoft Photo Editor

: Using your mouse, click on File in the Menu Bar.

: Click on Exit.


Scanning and Manipulating Documents with Photo Editor

Most scanners, whether they are HP, Visioneer, or Microtek, function basically the same way. If you need to get a hard copy document in to an electronic format you will probably need to scan the document.

While there are many ways in which one can initially scan a document, this tutorial will guide you through scanning using Microsoft Photo Editor.

Opening Photo Editor

Select Start >> Programs >> Microsoft Office Tools >> Microsoft Photo Editor

The software program will open up with a blank interface.

Scanning a Document

Place the document in the scanner according to the scanner directions. Most times, the document will need to be placed face down.

You will need to select the scan icon on the menu bar or select Scan Image from the File menu to open the scanning program. It is important that the scanner be connected to the computer and in working order prior to opening photo editor.

Photo Editor will engage the scanner program and you may adjust the settings such as contrast, brightness or resolution.

Contrast will define the difference between black and white on the document.

Brightness will define how bright or dim the document will scan.

Resolution is the quality (dpi) of the scanned image. Scans with larger resolution will result in larger files.

Once you are satisfied you may press the Preview button and make any needed changes.

To scan the document, press the Scan button.

The image will be scanned and placed in the Photo Editor interface.


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