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Photo editing Software for digital photos

Santa gave me a Canon power shot A70 digital camera.

Can any one tell me what soft ware i should get to do some fancy work with the photos.The ones like changing the back ground etc. I'm not an expert, so i do not want to spend a ton of money on the programe.I can transfer the pictures from the camera to my computer, so now what? Also the software should be esay to use. Any help would be appreciated, especially if you point me in the correct direction



The software you mention is not very cheap and have a big learning curve. PhotoShop is good.

Did the camera come with any photo editing software? They usually do come with some pretty good software.

Otherwise, Irfanview is a good free viewer with many editing capabilities.

If you're looking at freeware, try browsing NoNags and other freeware sites. Here are a couple that I know off the top of my head:

"GIMP" has been around for a long time in Linux, and has now been released for Windows.

"ProSuite 602", a freeware office suite, has a photo-editing program included.

"Photo Wizard" is one I just saw over at NoNags, but I've never tried it.

These are all Freeware (not Shareware, and certainly not Spyware). If you want a commercial product, the various Photoshop titles are the most common. You can save a bundh by buying a version or two older than the latest release.

If money is tight you might consider Jasc Paint Shop Pro. I'm reliably informed by all my arty pals that it is pretty well featured and easier to use than Adobe Photoshop. (i can't give a personal opinion as i primarily deal with accounts and p

I have photshope elements and it's a nice program. Santa brought me me paint shop pro 8 for Christmas and I like it a little better now than elements for my photos. I got the whole Paint Shop Pro power suite on sale at Comp USA. It came with paint shop pro 8, paint shop photo album and paint shop extras one and two. Comp USA had a special just before Christmas with a rebate so I got the whole package for $50 and have been doing framed collages of the family with it and having a ball.

My new computer came with MS Office 97 Small Business Edition (SBE) pre- installed. Among the new features I found was a program called Microsoft Photo Editor (Insert/Object/ MS Photo Editor). According to the Help/About screen, Photo Editor is based on Halo's Desktop Imager software. Photo Editor is fully integrated with Office 97 SBE so that I can access it from Word, Excel or Publisher (Power Point and Access are not included in Office 97 SBE). Photo Editor is OLE complaint so that it can be used with any other OLE program too. If you want to add Photo Editor, look in the Word/OS/MS Apps folder on the Office 97 CD-ROM.


Image Size in MS photo Editor

Option Size (pixels) Description

FULL 1600 x 1200

1,920,000 pixels Large photo album size

XGA 1024 x 768

786,432 pixels Letter or report size to display on 17" monitor or larger.

VGA 640 x 480

307,200 pixels Full screen on 13" monitor - for email or Web distribution.

Image size controls the dimensions of the image and is measured in pixels. The larger the image, the larger the size it can be printed and not be grainy.


Comparing XGA vs VGA Images

Basic XGA (104K) Basic VGA (48K)

Click on each of the images above. Notice that when they open, the VGA image appears smaller in size on the screen.

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