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microsoft photo editor trouble

hey im not sure if this is the right place to post this but ill try anyway. ive used Microsoft Photo Editor for years and ive never had any problems until recently. i change a picture and then save it, but when i open it again the file is all blurry. and i cant undo it. is there any reason for this? i'm not sure how i can reinstall this so i havent tried that. thanx heaps


Are you saving with a low resolution?

Are you saving as a .jpg or .gif with quality option set to low? The higher the quality the sharper the picture though the file will be larger also.

Is "Save for Web" chosen in the Save menu? This lowers the resolution and file size which is great for the web but bad for viewing and printing.

Unfortunately you can't undo it if it got saved as a lower resolution photo.

If it is a scan or digital camera photo, you will have to rescan it or download it from the camera again if it hasn't been deleted.

If you purposely lower the resolution, it is a good idea to save the original before changes under one name and save a copy which you would make the changes to under another name. Then if something goes wrong with the copy you still have the original.

Save the original as a .TIf or .Bmp or .EPS.

Save the copy in whatever format you want depending on what you intend to do with it but watch the quality setting if you're using .jpg

Photo ORG.tif (orginal photo without changes)

Photo.tif (copy with whatever changes you make to it)

Also - when working on a photo, save it as a .Bmp or .Tif during the time you work on it. You may hit the save button several times during the working on process. .Bmp or .Tif will not deteriorate with each save.

If you save it as a .jpg and then resave it several times throughout the working on process, each save will deteriorate the photo.

After you have completed working on it, you can then choose to save it as a .jpg if you wish.


Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 offers three main features

Photo Editor offers three main features:

Input images using the Photo Editor Scan tool from any Twain complaint device. You can also use image files from disk or CD-ROM.

Manipulate images with resize, rotate, zoom and crop tools. You can adjust image contrast, gamma, brightness and transparency.

Add effects with soften, sharpen, negative, chalk and charcoal, emboss, watercolor, stamp, stained glass and texturize tools.


Saving images in MS photo editor

You can now save your scanned image by selecting Save As from the File menu.

Other Options

The primary reason to scan documents is that there is not already an electronic copy of a worksheet, article, or picture. Once a document is scanned there are several ways in which you can present the document.

Images can be inserted in to a web page, placed in a Word document, or sent as an e-mail attachment.

Scanned worksheets or articles should be placed in a single Word Document, web page, or converted to Adobe PDF


How to Determine Your Settings of Microsoft Photo Editor

How to Determine Your Settings

Image quality and size determine how much space each photo uses on your camera's memory or storage card. It also determines how many total images can be stored. With a 16MB card you can store 16 photos if you use the highest quality possible ("Fine" quality and "Full" image size); or using the lowest quality ("Basic" quality and VGA image size) to store 324 photos on a 16 MB card. Review image quality and image size below for more information.

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