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Change pix format by photo editor

I was looking at pix I downloaded in jpeg format. Accidentally saved an image that I had used Effect toolbar and then used Negative on--so now I've saved the negative image and can't get back to original (File Revert doesn't seem to work). Is there any way I can get the old original image back??

Said another way, if you have a Negative image, can you alter it back to the original?


maybe photoshop would do the job...


MS Photo Editor : straightforward to use

The image editing tools are straightforward to use. Image manipulation tools are accessed via menu selections. You can size or crop the image by specifying exact dimensions (in inches, centimeters or pixels). Cropping deletes part of the original image, while sizing keeps the whole image but changes its exterior dimensions. You can invert, mirror and transpose images plus rotate them in one-degree increments. The Auto Balance feature helps the image editor novice by automatically adjusting brightness and contrast levels. You can also use slider controls to select custom settings for brightness and contrast separately. All these tools effect the whole image when applied.


Image Resize Bug in Microsoft Photo Editor (4)

Jasc Paint Shop Pro (version 7.02), a similar program for PC's, is much better at resizing. It still has some gotchas if you choose the wrong "resize type", however.

(note that the following pictures have not been pixel-doubled, as the above have)

It does a good job on 90% reduction of the shadows-on-the-wall picture, yielding:

Left: bilinear resample (or smart size) - good job. Right: cubic resample - also good, but maybe a bit too sharp.

But you can get poor results if you choose the wrong resize type when shrinking pictures with a lot of high frequency detail:

1 (leftmost): original, 338 pixels high (a scan of a halftoned image).

2: resized to 100 pixels high with Jasc Paint Shop Pro (JPSP), bilinear resample (or smart size).

3: resized with JPSP, bicubic resample.

4: resized with JPSP, pixel resize.

5: resized to 100 pixels high with my "zoom" program (Catmull-Rom filter).

Image 2 shows that their default mode, "smart size", does the right thing. Presumably smart size is equivalent to "bilinear resample" when decimating (zooming down) and to "bicubic resample" when interpolating (zooming up). Image 3 shows bad aliasing in bicubic mode that suggests that Paint Shop is not doing the appropriate low pass filtering for decimation. Their documentation suggests that "bicubic resample" is a reconstruction filter (good for zooming up only). Image 4 is presumably point sampling, and also shows the aliasing, as we'd expect. Image 5 is good. You need to be careful if you ever use "bicubic resample", because JPSP saves the resize type between runs of the program (thereby lessening the value of the default).

The moral of the story is to choose your default modes carefully. Jasc did; Microsoft did not.


Transparency by MS photo editor

Many times you will need portions of your image to be transparent. One thing to note is that only the image format gif supports transparencies so your image will be reverted to this format.

Select the transparency icon on the toolbar.

Move your cursor to the color on your image you wish to be made transparent and click once.

The window that appears will ask what level of color tolerance you wish to make transparent. The higher the tolerance, the more shades of that color will be made transparent.

Click OK.

The transparent color will appear with gray and white checks.***********************

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