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What's your favorite photo editor and why?

yeah, yeah, I know it's old fashioned by now, but for me it's still the photo editor of choice for ease of use, and intuitiveness. Corel and Adobe are good, I can't disagree, but Ive tried them both and find I spend most of my time trying to figure out how, rather than actually playing with the pictures.

I use it mostly for sharpening up images that need a bit of contrast or darkening, for making graphics for backgrounds, and lettering.

In other words, it suits my needs, and isnt overloaded with features I'll never use anyway.

I know there are more powerful editors out there, but I have been using it for so long that I can quickly do what I need to do instead of spending hours learning somthing new. (I dont think that is as sad as it sounds)


Whats a good cheap alternative photo editor to photoshop

Picasa2 is a useful and free photo editor from google. It certainly is not the equivalent of photoshop but for anyone who wants quickly to crop, straighten, modify colour and contrast, and remove redeye its a gem. Also there are tools for sharpening, softening, changing to monochrome etc and others for emailing, compiling a collage and blogging


I am what you could call an Amature photographer, sort of. I take MANY Outdoor and creative pictures. I have done some portraits and school basketball pictures and other things like that. I had used Photoshop because it was on my computer. I just had personall issues with it. I bought Digital Image 9 and was able to do just everything photoshop could do and it was a lot easier and cheaper to use. All the pictures I take wether it is a portait or a landscape shot I run it through D.I. and print it perfectly. Digital pictures depend on many things including the two most important in my opinion, your camera, and you printer.


PhotoImpression, edit and impress your photos!

ACDSEE photo editor reinstall question?

CollageMaker is a graphics tools

Auto Photo Editor is an all in one photo editor

I am looking for a software that can combine many photos into one picture.

The the best editing software currently is adobe's Photoshop CS2