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I use the ACDSEE7,if you go to ACDSEE.com and use the trail version(30)days they give you a power bundle to buy at a lesser rate and they offer the 8.0 version.

there is the Editor 4.0 I think with this pack of awesome programs. I plan on purchasing it myself.

GoodLuck. ps-it's right at 99.00.

it really depends on how much you know,or don't know.

Photoshop is very expensive and I found it too complicated for me.If you want something simple and cheep then Irfanview might do the job,best of all its free.I quite like JASC,I have that programme and its quite good,does most of the things I want it too.whatever one you choose you are going to have to learn the basics in using it - and it doesn't have to be difficult or painful!

My favorite photo editor? -> old Corel's PhotoHouse ver.1.1 (included in the Corel's WordPerfect 8 Suite)

Why? -> Because it's simple, easy to use and I can do my tasks (Resizing, brighting and sharpening) quick and accurate.

I also have and sporadically use:

Ulead's PhotoImpact5,

ACDSee's FotoCanvas Lite 1.1,

MS Picture It! Photo 6,

and PaintShop Pro 4 (very old and I don't know whose is it or where I got it from)

It works, who cares how dated it might be.

Now and then I haul out my husband's PhotoShop, determined that this time, by golly, I WILL learn it.

But, alas, like calculus, realize it's not my toy. I'm left staring at the photo I managed to download after five minutes of pushing this and pulling that, I can select something, but after that, my only option seems to be to leave. Sigh.

And for the age of the product it can be amazingly sophisticated in its effects.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that keeps going back to Photodraw. Sure Photoshop Elements is a cool product and I'm learning to use it but when it comes to fast and easy I always open up Photodraw. I know of several others that do the same.

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