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Whats a good cheap alternative to photoshop photo editor

I've tried photoshop/illustrator to edit picture, and they seem kind of blocky and of course, having alarge learning curve. After a bit of Googling, I found some sites praising Xara photo editor. They were right to be praising. Xara Xtreme is a pretty good photo editor, with a low learning curve (though a few features may seem confusing). their features focus on illustrating, photo editing, and web graphics. AND, they provide movies that show many of the features that is in the program. Another big plus is that its only about $79.

I can't really explain it in depth, as Im very new to the program.

Give it a try at www.xara.com

You could alos try Photoshop Elements. It is a smaller cheaper version photo editor with a lot of features. It retails for about $100.00 but usually can be found on sale somewhere for $60-70.

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had this program on a cd when I got my computer so i didn't buy it and i am glad that i got it for free! Well it is kinda hard to understand, but the most part i understand is the part when you can use special tools like transform pictures, do wind and blur effects and alot more effects it is a pretty good program. the onlye reason i give it 3 stars is because i can't figure out how you do anything else realy and that madedit for webpages would be really helpful for my web page!

Add name to my fotos by image editing software
What is the best way to add my name to the bottom of my pictures, like 
Don has here: 

It's just a matter of typing some text. Lots of programs can do it. 

But why not add your name just under the photo rather than defacing your image? 

(Typing name/copyright on your photo doesn't prevent someone from stealing it. I can clone Don's name out with a few mouse clicks.)

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