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photo draw: Editing text

I am editing some text in photo draw (which I've done dozens of times before) but every time I try to capitalize the letter "M" it freezes no other letter does this. shift "m" or caps lock "m" program does not respond. I re-installed and removed & re-installed. Still no go. Any ideas?


MS Photo Editor: Undo

The Undo command only removes the last tool action (one level undo), although you can use the Revert command to remove all changes. Your Photo Editor image can be saved as a JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, windows bitmap or PC Paintbrush file, as well as pasted to any Office application or even sent as an e-mail attachment.

Although no match for heavy-duty image editors like Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Photo Editor is a welcome addition to the Office application suite and may fulfill many users' needs.


Image Resize Bug in Microsoft Photo Editor (2)

This is much better, showing no discontinuities. All pictures above are shown with 2x2 pixel replication to show the pixels more clearly. These problems are still easily visible when pixels are not replicated, however.

Photo Editor seems to do an acceptable job of zooming pictures up (resizing to a larger size). In that case the smooth option is effective (I would guess that it's doing bilinear interpolation).

This bug in Photo Editor is intolerable and inexcusable! A bug such as this that damages people's images is a disservice to users. It is made more egregious by the widespread availability of this software. Methods for zooming down images with good filtering have been known for decades, and source code to do fast, high quality image zooming is publically available. My code for this has been on the Internet for 10 years, for example.


Image Size: Microsoft Photo Editor

Often times your scanned image will be entirely too large for your purposes.

Select Resize from the Image menu.

The current image size will appear in the size window. This is usually displayed in inches.

If the document has text such as an article it is recommended the image be resized to approximately 6" wide and 8-9" tall. This will allow for a smaller file size without losing much quality.

Enter the new size and click OK.

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