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Shortly, we will be releasing an exciting new photo editing software called ACDSee Photo Editor. The version number for this product is v4.0; however, it is an entirely new product built from a new architecture. One of the most important new capabilities is the object based paradigm (similar to layers) which allows you to create compositional layouts including text, photos and vector objects and still be able to modify, move or edit the objects in the future.
There will be an upgrade price for owners of Photo Editor 3.1 and FotoCanvas 3.0 and earlier. I hope this clarifies your questions about the new ACDSee Photo Editor



ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 is a powerful photo editing application featuring an array of advanced tools, filters and special effects inside a very friendly user interface. Beginners will appreciate the straight-forward design, while advanced users will love the performance and control. The program includes everything one needs to manage, enhance, print, and get creative with digital photos.


I use Lighroom as my primary photo editing software and it is configured to open and import photos whenever I insert a CF card. Whenever I plug the MX980 into the USB port, LR opens. Even if it’s open, it’ll pop up as the active screen when I plug the remote into the computer. This is driving me nuts!

I can not find anywhere in LR to change this, and I don’t know Vista very well yet and can’t find how to stop this from occurring.

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