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I can only judge by the sparse posts here on ACD's official forum, but it seems like the new ACD Photo Editor has landed with a thud. According to ACD's website, you can now get ACDSee 9 AND Photo Editor for $79.99--why such a fire sale of two new flagship apps?

I come from the ACD (formerly Deneba) Canvas contingent, going back with Canvas about 10 years. Our beloved Canvas was acquired by ACD a few years ago and subsequently hacked and pillaged and dumbed down to create Photo Editor, so I was hoping for more than an unneeded, low-end, Windows-only, caption-adding photo app for Granny and Gramps.

Ironically, some nice functionality refinements appeared in Photo Editor that we have been waiting to see in Canvas, where they would a lot more potential and impact. Will these refinements find their way into a new Canvas release, where they would be much more useful? We hope against hope that there will even BE another Canvas (the Mac programmer job in Miami, to bring Canvas over to Intel Macs, seems to remain unfilled to this day).

ACD picked apart its crown jewels to create costume jewelry... And their stock has been in the toilet since June, so neither Photo Editor nor ACDSee 9 has made much of a splash, it seems.



Elements 4 no longer contains an image browser. Its a separate program called Bridge and IMHO, stinks. You have to open another app to browse pics. Bridge is not integrated within Elements and does not assume you are using Elements when you are in Bridge. My default JPEG app is GraphicConverter. So when I use Adobe's Bridge, it opens all JPEG's in GraphicConverter (great integration). There are two ways around this, change the default app to Elements and wait an eternity for it to open every time you want to see an image or, go through a number of steps in Bridge (image by image) to get a JPEG to open in Elements. Really lousy execution compared to Elements 3.



"Upgrading" to msoffice2007 has disabled an old workhourse, ms photo editor.

However the ghost of mspe lurks in my background when I double-click on old graphics files which were previously saved in mspe. On an individual basis, I can change these files to "open with....................." which works but is tedious.

Is there available a universal command to change files formerly opened with mspe to be opened in an alternate graphics program?


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