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Digital photo software will help you get the most out of your digital camera, create better photos, and enjoy photography more. Now that you know more about what's available you can choose software to help you keep better track of your photos and get the most out of the digital pictures you take. To learn more about digital photography software, take a look at our complete digital photo software review section, or browse and post on the Digital Imaging forum. The picture is just the beginning.



I use ACDSee version 5.0 and have been using a product from Adobe, Adobe Photo Deluxe with my Epson Scanner. Recently the Photo Deluxe software stopped working and I am unable to fix it. I was contemplating upgrading to ACDSee 9 and I see they also offer a photo editor program. My question is does anyone know if the ACD editor program will do all of the things that the Adobe program did? Is it possible to scan directly into the ACS Photo Editor?

I'm using ACDSee Photo Editor & I like it. We have tutorial here on Getting Started with it.

Someone said that it's more powerful than Photoshop Elements - so it should do all of what Adobe Photo Deluxe did plus more. ACDSee Photo Manager 9 also has many options for editing photos (cropping, fixing red-eye) & applying special effects to them.

I will look when I get home & see if you can obtain files directly from a scanner. (My recollection is that there were many options for obtaining a file). You can download 30 day trials for both pieces of software here at www.acdsee.com



This is the image editing program I like the best. It is sophisticated enough for most digital photographers, yet it is fairly easy to use. I'm not a big fan of massive image manipulation but you can ENHANCE your photos here. And you can go crazy too if you like. I find that the automated image fixes go just about what I want, which is to make the color balance a little more realistic -- i.e. trees should be GREEN not yellow-green (unless this is fall foliage!). I carry this program with me into the field on my laptop. I can edit my photos even before I get them home. Most user friendly program I have used. Recommend for the casual to intermediate digital photographer.


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