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The ACDSee Photo editor 4.0.194 has got the "Vista" Certified for Windows-Logo some days ago. Now I am waiting, that this version will be published.

The Vista version of Photo Manager was just released. I would think that the Vista version of Photo Editor wouldn't be too far off?

I'd like you to uninstall Photo Editor and also remove any Photo Editor folders from the Application Data folder. Once you've done that, reinstall Photo Editor. I'm unsure of the latest build so just make sure that you have it.


Color Management Software

Have you ever e-mailed someone a digital photo or made a print from a digital file and discovered it looked completely different from what you saw on your computer monitor? That would be because you haven't calibrated your computer monitor. Color management is a system of software and hardware that helps ensure that your digital images look right.

Most digital photographers have never thought about how their computer monitor can affect the quality of their photos. They usually discover the need for color management when they have prints made from the digital photos. Without any color management in place, chances are their photos will look very little like what they saw on their computer monitor. Color management allows photographers to calibrate their computer including monitor, printer, and even their camera; to an outside standard. This guarantees that images will look the same in print as they do on the calibrated computer monitor. In the past this was something only pro photographers, photo labs, and graphic designers did. But as more and more people create and share digital photos the need for a system that establishes color consistency from photographer to photographer, computer to computer, and lab to lab, becomes obvious.

The simplest way to calibrate your computer monitor is to use the Adobe Gamma wizard that's included with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Adobe Gamma works pretty well. But if you want consistent, predictable color, you'll need to use a package that includes more sophisticated color management software and a hardware device for measuring and adjusting the color of your computer monitor. You can also buy software for calibrating your photo printer, scanner, and even your digital camera. The more imaging devices you have "profiled," the more confident you can be that what you see on your computer is what you'll get in print or when you send a digital photo to someone else.



Adobe Photoshop Elements

Description: State-of-the-art image editing tools free you to explore your creativity while mastering the elements of digital imaging. Flexible image-capture options let you work with photos taken with digital or traditional cameras, and versatile delivery features enable you to prepare images for print, e-mail, or posting on the Web.


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