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Is it possible to work with just part of a photo.

For example, I have a photo showing a balloon seller walking down the street completely covered in balloons attached to some sort of harness he was wearing. Can I sharpen or brighten just the balloon man and not the rest of the photo.

What about being able to blur, for example, all of the photo except the balloon man?


I'll share a secret - those instr's were from the help file... and you can see the example photos there.

Here's how you can see them:

In Photo Editor, go under Help | Contents

Click on the left tab

Expand Creating images, expand Applying Distortion Effects, and select the last one:

Simulating Motion by blurring photos - and the instructions & photos can be found on the right side.

Enjoy! There are some cool effects that can be easily done.



The image editor at blibs.com needs a new name. It's been through a few names like paint.mytheme.com Mytheme animation factory and blibs animator.

but all those are too long. I'd like a new name (and domain name to match) for the image editor.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on new names. I'll start with two that I though t of:

LunaImage or Lunapic

I don't know why, those just sorta sounded cool, but, I'm looking for better names, and if we get a few good ones, I'll hold a contest.



RAW Conversion Software

Digital SLRs and high-end compact digital cameras offer photographers a RAW mode that captures pure, untouched photo data, straight from the digital camera's sensor. Because it hasn't been processed, a RAW image file has a lot more potential than a JPEG or TIFF file. However, unlike the JPEG files that most digital photographers are familiar wit, a RAW file must be transformed into something that can be viewed, edited, and printed. That's where RAW conversion software comes in. All cameras that have a RAW mode come with some sort of RAW conversion software - usually made by the camera manufacturer. Since there are all kinds of methods, strategies, and tools for converting RAW files there are a bunch of third-party RAW conversion software titles. Besides converting image files into a usable file type, RAW conversion software also provides tools for changing an image's color, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. RAW conversion programs also include an image browser so that you can view and sort RAW files. Many image editing and image browser programs, including Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Elements, Extensis Portfolio, and ACDSee Pro, include RAW conversion software. Phase One is one of the leaders in RAW conversion software development and their Capture One software is one of the most sophisticated RAW conversion programs available. Other options are BreezeBrowser, Bibble, and Pixmantec RAW Shooter. If you want to get the most from your digital camera you'll need to shoot RAW and use some sort of RAW conversion software, whether it's the camera manufacturer-included software, or one of the third-party solutions.

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