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In my opinion, however photo editor 4 (PE4) shall by no means have anything to do with the routers whose main job is to forward, filter, partition and administer network traffics. Photo editor 4 does require internet connection to our application server for updates & etc., but like other ACDSee products, it just uses standard http(80) and https ports (8080, 443).

I would suggest the following to help us identify the root of the problem :

1) Install photo editor 4 on your XP machine and see how the router and your internet connection behave.
2) On your laptop, test the https connection (your bank's website, etc..) and see if the speed is normal. Note https connections generally are little bit slower than non-encrypted HTTP ones.
3) Install photo editor 4 again on your Vista laptop ( with one license, you can install additional copy on a laptop) and test the internet connection. Before re-installation, please remove PE4's settings folder and application folder according to KB article 2824. Note since you have already uninstall-ed PE4, you can skip the step 1.


Photo Organization Software Soon after you got your digital camera (or started scanning photos), you probably started thinking about how you're going to organize and manage all your photos. Your computer's hard drive can quickly become a mess and important photos almost impossible to find. There are lots of software options to help you organize your digital images, from your computer's built-in file system to very expensive and powerful database packages. If you want to be able to find your digital images in five years, you need to get systematic about how you handle them. Software can help. Photo organization software, usually called "image management" or browser software, helps you download, categorize, view, and otherwise organize digital photos. Most allow the photographer to add keywords and search by multiple criteria like file type, date created, camera, or keywords. The most sophisticated image management software creates a database with thumbnails that can track images archived on separate hard drives, CDs, DVDs, or anywhere else. Most image management software also includes simple image editing features like resizing, cropping, and color correction


ACD Systems FotoCanvas FotoCanvas? 1.1 is a flexible touch-up photo editor that enables you to improve digital photos with tools like red-eye reduction, free-angle rotate, crop and sharpen. Or, add artistic flare with tools such as clone area, airbrush and magic wand, blending modes like luminosity, filters such as sepia.

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