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I have been banging my head on the monitor for the past three days.

My new laptop was not connecting wirelessly to the internet, pages would not load. I could open Internet Explorer and maybe I could get to the opening page of a website, but then it would 'freeze'. Both my desktops were having trouble staying online through the d-link (di 524)router, though the modem stayed online. (I did numerous reboots for all computers, modem and router)

Finally I bypassed the router and wired my laptop directly to the modem, and everything worked much better. I also checked for a router update, but I already downloaded the firmware upgrade, dated August 2006. D-links website doesn't even mention whether this router is compatible with Vista. Or, should I say, is Vista compatible with this router?

It just seems that installing a Photo Editor program should not affect a router ?



Photography software can be divided into four basic categories: Photo Organization Image-Editing RAW Conversion Color Management There are lots of variations and software that crosses over between categories. There are also plenty of small, niche categories. But in order to keep things simple I'm going to stick to the four basic categories above


Any news on a newer release for ACDSee Photo Editor? Can a subforum be created for feature requests?

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