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So you just got a sweet new digital camera and you're wondering how to get the most from it? You've been taking pictures like crazy; e-mailing huge digital photos to all your friends, clogging up their in-boxes and filling up your hard drive with multiple copies of every image you've shot? Let me help. Of course, your camera came with some sort of do-it-all digital photography software. Generally, the included software is weak, offers few tools, and may even be buggy. Third-party photography software is almost always much better. It can help you manage, edit, and make your digital photos look better than you realized was possible. This digital photography software guide describes different types of photo software and tells you how they can improve your photos and make your life easier. And you don't even have to own a digital camera to benefit from digital photography software. Most of it is useful for all digitized images. So if you have a scanner or get photo CDs made with your prints, this guide will be useful for you, too.

Last but not least, I'll give you some software recommendations for each category. So if you just want to know what software to buy, you can scan each category and buy some software immediately.


After attempting one direct email to ACDSee about why the only manual is about 3.1 (and never receiving a reply) I read your posting and waited for their response. I should have done something more productive. When they responded they talked about tutorials. I replied that tutorials are all I see posted and that if there is a manual I would like to know where it is. So they repeated what they said to you. I guess maybe I can't read.

I spent my entire life in retail, mostly department stores and all I can tell you is that retail arrogance is a disease that killed more retailers than anyone can imagine. It's about giving the customers that pay their salaries what they want to give them (and what they think they want) and not what they really want. How can it be OK to produce a product without a manual. No answer needed.

I owned the first edition of ACDSee and used it as a quick browser to go through my photo files as a means to trim down the number of images I had to deal with. It grew and grew (and so did the upgrades - which I bought

like a full fledged drone) until version 10. I decided to stop. Then I bought Vista and it no longer worked - and they decided not to fix it. So I decided to by the current version and since photoshop decided not to Vista-ize the version I used I decided to give their editor a whirl. 90 bucks or so later I went looking for the manual. Once again I should have done something more productive. I imagine some day they'll get around to it and meantime I will print the old manual from 3.1 and make do

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