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I'm wondering how to paste a new image from clipboard in Photo Editor 4.0.

In the previous version a special option was available 'paste new from clipboard' or something similar, however I can not find this command in the current version.

I very often use this feature when I do a screenshot and want to modify something later on.

With PE4 I always need to create a NEW empty file and then paste the picture.

Do I miss something or is it not possible anymore to paste a image from clipboard directly?

thanks for a hint


I would use "Ctrl+N" to create a new document, then "Cltr+V" to paste the content. There is no screen capture feature available in photo editor 4, but you can always use "Prt Scr" Key.

You could go to menu : File | Define work area to specify the document dimension size and background color after the clipboard content is imported


I'll start backward.

ACDSee Photo Editor cannot do Actions and Brushes. If you want to use brushes, you need to get them converted to PNG files.

I think the learning curve of Photo Editor is much easier. My summary of it: it has most everything I need to scrap with without having too much that its overkill/confusing etc. That make sense? A designer probably wouldn't like it because it doesn't have all the full funcitonality but the majority of users are designers.

What I like about it:

It has layers -- which it calls objects.

Groups -- I love the grouping feature. I can group my alpha's together for a title. Resize them all at once and still individual move them around after resizing them. (Edit as a group or individually.) Most software requires you to ungroup to work on them idividually.

Text on a path -- you don't need a tutorial. Granted there is only a limited number of paths to choose from. But you choose the general path and then you can grab the corners/sides and adjust for your layout.

There is a 30-day trial to test it out.

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