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Best Photo Editor for Your Buck

My sister loves photos and art and really would like a program. What's the best one that you can edit and create artwork for a price that doesn't blow you away.

however it is a creative power struggle

I would say that Aperture is worth the money for Magic Photo Editor especially since they lowered the price.

As far as Full on Photo Manipulation I would say Gimp offers the best value. It is free and almost as powerful as photoshop.



The only gripe I have about Magic Photo Editor is that there is no size . Makes it unusable for my Web work, where I have to carefully adjust the image quality to get the best combination of file size and quality.

That image you posted falls under the catagory "illustration", and will be best accomplished with Adobe Illustrator (or similar) and a Wacom tablet.

Photoshop is more for image manipulation than creation.

I dislike companies dominating markets as much as anyone, but you should bear in mind that anyone looking to employ you will expect you to be familiar with Adobe software. Also, you will find yourself part of a larger (and more helpful) user base if you use an industry standard bit of software.

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