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MS photo editor: print problem

Photo Editor is printing blank pages. I tried uninstall and reinstall, didn't help. I can print the exact same image to the same printer in photo shop just fine. Any suggestions?


I met before similar issues, to fix it converted my image to another format, for example from TIFF to JPG and this help me


MS Photo editor: Scanning an Image

Scanning an Image

: Using your mouse, click on File in the Menu Bar.

: Click on Scan Image.

: Follow the directions for the scanner.


MS Photo editor: Tools Smudge, Sharpen, Set Transparent Color.

Tools Smudge, Sharpen, Set Transparent Color.

Image Acquisition You cannot create a new image from a scanner or a camera. (In Microsoft Windows XP, the capability to create a new imagine from a scanner and a camera is built in Microsoft Windows Explorer.)

Image Fewer color correction options are available in Picture Manager 2003 than were available in Photo Editor. Specifically, there is no Gamma adjustment, and you cannot apply corrections to only one of the three color components, red-green-blue (RGB).

Properties You cannot explicitly specify the image resolution dots per inch (dpi) or the color depth of images in Picture Manager 2003.


Microsoft Photo Editor doesn't work?

hey guys I need HELP?? I got a weird problem. It just started OUT OF NO WHERE??? whenever I dbl click a photo file (jpeg) on my desktop or in a folder, XP will automatically open the DEFAULT Microsoft Photo Editor so that I can SEE my image, ya know??? BUT instead now it simply says "can't open file." and thats it???? I mean wat the heck is that about?? just outta tha blue my damn photo editor stops working?? Now i do know i can right click and hit "open with" and i usually choose IE just so i can actually SEE it. BUT I would really like to get my basic ole microsoft DEFAULT photo editor/viewer to work? anyone got any ideas???? OR if i'm just lame for relying on Microsoft software, please recommend me a GOOD, FREE photo viewing/editing software??? Help me out fellow computer homies?????

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