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Create beautiful HTML slideshows in seconds by photo editor software.

Photolightning makes it easy to create great looking photo slide shows in seconds

Photolightning creates 3-view slideshows including full screen, filmstrip view and a thumbnail view.

Turn views on and off or re-order them.

Change backgrounds, colors, transitions, timing, and add sound.

See an actual slideshow created with Photolightning


Free Online Image Editor and File Converter

With this very user friendly and fast photo editing tool you can load pictures from your computer or camera and rotate, crop, resize, adjust brightness, contrast, sharpen, reduce file size and save back to your computer. You can also convert files, as bmp or tif to jpg, gif, and more.

Useful tip before start:

Type new size 500-700 pixel (+ click on "Make new image") if your image are big for cropping. (Besk?ra)

Adjust sharpen after contrast and brightness

Change JPEG-quality last, before "Save as..."

Click always on "Finish..." when image has been saved, to remove your file from webserver.

More tip in Quick Guide

Upload image from your computer and start editing

It is complete safe. No downloads are required. But you need to allow pop-up window for the photo editor.


What does a photo editor look for in a marketable photograph?

After all, photography is an art form and art is subjective, isn't it? This is true! Ask a dozen different photo editors about their preferences and you'll receive a dozen different responses. But, there are established criteria by which experienced photo editors can determine and separate a really good photograph from a mediocre one.

Although different photo editors evaluate photographs in different ways, I have found there are five general questions that most photo editors ask themselves during the evaluation process: Is the photograph properly exposed? Does the photograph have impact value? What is the theme or the subject? Did the photographer successfully emphasize the theme or the subject? Has the photographer simplified the image by eliminating nonessential and distracting elements?


Photo Pos Pro photo editor

This advanced image editor offers a wide variety of possibilities in the fields of image and photo enhancing, digital photos and image editing, computer graphics, painting, and drawing. Using the editor you can perform various tasks, from simple to complex; you can edit existing images, create new works based on existing images, and create new works from scratch. The software features support for many image file types (including transparent GIF files),single & MULTIPLE image printing, and for scanners and digital cameras; advanced image-enhancing and editing tools; tools for creating computer graphics; rich-text tools; special effects; selection tools; frames; layers and masks; color transitions (gradients); patterns and textures; script tools; batch operations; a batch converter; ability to automatically update the software and also The Ability to expand the software yourselves! The software comes with dozens of pre-made frames, textures, shapes, big photo collection and much more - all to accelerate your work and make it fun & easy




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