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Photoframe 2.0

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Amazon.com Product Description

PhotoFrame 2.0 gives you the edge--and there's no limit to the dramatic border effects you can design for your images. Customize and combine any of the included 1000-plus edge effects, or use Instant Frame and Instant Edge to design your own frames. Go beyond the ordinary with special effects like shadows, glows, textures, and bevels. For even more possibilities, Dynamic Graphics' e-frame borders offer the perfect finishing solutions to your electronic design projects. Subscribe to Monthly Collections, or search from the 5,000-image Professional Gallery.

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Let's face it, straight image edges are boring. Extensis PhotoFrame 2.0 can transform ho-hum image edges into interesting works of art, turning even the dullest image into something that commands attention. Best of all, you needn't be a graphic designer to use PhotoFrame. PhotoFrame is a plug-in that works with Adobe's Photoshop 4 or later, as well as ImageReady 2. You can manipulate an image in either of these programs, then open the PhotoFrame plug-in to display the image in a preview window. Select one of the more than 1,000 frames - predefined edge and texture effects - on the PhotoFrame CD, or use the new Instant Frame option to create your own frame based on a standard shape. Then use Photoshop-like palettes to add other special effects such as backgrounds, borders, and edges. You can combine any number of frames and effects to get just the look you want. You then apply the changes either to the image or to a new layer within the image file.

PhotoFrame 2.0 adds a number of new features to the original PhotoFrame package, improving some existing features and tripling the number of frames. For example, version 2.0 adds four new effects - bevels, glows, shadows, and textures - and the ability to apply multiple frames and edge effects to an image. You can get additional frames on the eFrames companion Web site (http://www .dgusa.com/eframes) for $9.95 each or $14.95 for a monthly group of 100 (30 days of free access included). With so many frames included, however, it probably isn't worth the extra money to purchase more frames. PhotoFrame can also import frames from Auto F/X Photo/Graphics Edges (http://www.autofx.com), a competing product with a street price of $149.

PhotoFrame's intuitive interface is easy to work with, although you may need a peek at the Quick Start Guide to get on the right track. The program's ability to instantly update the preview image makes it easy to see just what the effect of your changes will be. The Visible-Hidden button for each frame layer can instantly toggle the effects associated with a frame - a great feature if you like to experiment. You can save frame-and-effect combinations as presets - a real timesaver when you're applying the same effects to a number of images.

Overall, PhotoFrame delivers what it promises: an easy way to create professional-looking image edges and borders. It's a great tool for making images a little more interesting in print or on the Web. -- Maria Langer

Good News: Intuitive interface. More frames. Can apply effects to new Photoshop layer.

Bad News: No printed guide to frames and textures. Minimal printed documentation



It's an open source program that you can download for free. Pretty nice for us low budget types, and most of the photoshop techniques apply.


I use a combination of The GIMP and Serif Photoplus, I have also just aquired Photoshop Elements which came with my film scanner. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Overall the GIMP is my favourite but I havn't really used Elements much yet.


Easy Graphics File Converter - 4.67

Converts from GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP graphics files to JPG, PNG and BMP files. Allows single or multiple file conversion. Can convert to JPGs over a range of quality/compression values for optimization. Converted files displayed in your browser.


Photo2Web Publisher - 1.00

Photo2Web Publisher is an useful program that allows you to easy publish photos on your website. It create thumbnails, resize photos and generate HTML pages.

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