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Adobe Design Collection 6.0 is a fantastic package that places award-winning print, design, and Web authoring applications into one affordable package. --Chris Ryan

The Adobe Design Collection delivers full versions of four popular Adobe products at one affordable price. Transform your ideas into original artwork with the precise vector graphic tools in Adobe Illustrator 10. Efficiently design and edit rich, layered images with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 software, and assemble compelling page layouts with remarkable ease and control using Adobe InDesign 2.0. Convert your documents to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 software. Then you and your clients can electronically open, review, approve, and distribute the documents and submit them for printing. And because these applications were designed to work together, you can move effortlessly from one to another while preserving the attributes of your designs.

The Adobe Design Collection 6.0 supports Mac OS X.


I'm curious if the photoshop elements  photo editor packaged with the Canon Digital Rebel is the complete program? At the time I bought my camera I also went over to best buy and bought the Elements program for 100 bux. If I don't need it I can return it and get a hundred dollars closer to a printer. Thanks


I am sure the version that came with your camera is the full version of elements, but....

Photoshop Elements is not the full version of Photoshop. It is a much watered down version. However, a lot can be done with elements. The full up version, Photoshop CS, or 7.0, can do much more advanced things and runs areound $600 US.



I've just got my new D70 last week.

When I tried it, I observed a black point in each picture I took, starting from the first picture... & when I changed the lense, the same point (but is spread because it's not focused) appeared.

Please if you have any idea, tell me... Is it some impurity on the sensor?


It is at the same location so I would suspect some kind of dirt or dust...

Try cleaning the CCD.

If the problem remains, then it might be a dead region on the CCD, you will definately need a replacement!


Image Effects - photo editor

Program for image editing and image effects creation. It allows you to: - apply cool effects to the image - draw lines and shapes; - fill / copy areas; - select colors (brush and canvas); Demo limitation: You can't save images

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