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Use to split image, The maximal trait is that very simple to manipulate it! Support drag the image from explorer and split the image firsthand by click right key in explorer. The rapidity of split is rapidness bally.Support create web page file


I am finally looking to get photoshop photo editor

From what I can tell there is Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS Premium.......

Can someone give me a simple explaination of the differences?


Photoshop CS is the newest, full, professional version of photoshop. I believe that Photoshop CS Premium comes as part of the Adobe creative suite that includes a number of programs... I think the "premium" refers to what is included in the package, and is not a different version of photoshop.

Photoshop Elements is more of a consumer level photo editing program, and is about 1/5 the price of Photoshop CS. I've never used it so I can't compare it to Photoshop, but I've heard it's a pretty good program, it just doesn't contain all the features that PS has.


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Hi to all, I am new here, and I find many interesting good advices.

As a corel photopaint user, I want to know why adobe photoshop is so popular nowadays and corel is about to be forgett.

A few years ago, I was searching a site for jobs and I was looking at requirements for photographer position for newspapers. Almost all required corel photopaint knowledges and only a few adobe photoshop.

Today, when I look again at employers requirements for the same position, all ask for adobe photoshop knowledge and no one for corel.

I want your opinion, considering that corel photopaint is a great tool wich I love. I can`t explain the phenomenon.

You see also on this forum, all talk in photoshop language.

If someone could clear this to me, thanks a lot.


Photoshop has always been the industry standard.

The publishing industry was nearly 90% Macintosh based when I first got involved in 1992. At the time, there was not the software support or the tradition to use Windows based computers for graphics work. It was not until 1995 when the internet and the web started taking off that a whole new niche of fledgeling web designers found a need to have professional level photo editing software for Windows computers.

I cannot remember when Adobe developed Photoshop for Windows, but I want to say it was around version 3.0 or 4.0. So Adobe had Photoshop on the Windows platform before the big web craze hit. It was also right about this time that Corel was shipping PhotoPaint with their CorelDraw Suite. And since many smaller publishers were already using CorelDraw, it was natural for them to start using Photopaint.

The biggest area where Corel lost with PhotoPaoint was with web development features -- they didn't even try. The big battle between Adobe and Corel was over Illustrator and CorelDraw, so that was where Corel focused most of their software development. Therefore PhotoPaint was not evolving with the needs of the industry.

For some print designers, and huge numbers of silkscreen and sign designers, the Corel Suite is still widely used as the primary production software. However, for most of the graphic design, publishing and photography industries, Adobe is the vendor of choice.

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