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Color Correction Wizard -photo editing software

Color Correction Wizard makes batch color correction a snap, effectively solving poor contrast and color balance problems. Moreover, it lets you recolor multiple images according to the template image gamma.


i'm trying to learn photoshop. photo editor

there's like a million and one books/website out there...is there any advice everyone/anyone can give?

i signed up for about.com's weekly photoshop lessons, but their lessons is on PS 5.0 and 6.0...

any help is greatly appreciated...


Hi Roniman, if you can possibly get copies of a magazine entitled *total Digital Photography* I think you will find it od great assistance.

Not only is it a good magazine covering most aspects of digital photography but each month they include several tutorials (mainly for Photoshop) but also Paint Shop Pro. Not only this but you get a free CD along with the magazine on which, amongst other things, there is a Quick Time Movie of each of the tutorials (yes, you actually watch as someone performs the various tasks).

To date these have covered such things as Paintbrushes, Replacing skies, Use of the various filters included in Photo Shop and, of course, tuition on the use of each tool.

They also include all photos used in the various tutorials so that you can then repeat the steps precisely as tutorial before practising on your own material.

You can check them out at http://www.totaldp.com


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Photo editor software

I know there's no way to fit everything there is to know about PS into one thread, but how do I:

Turn color photos into black and white?

Add color to some sections of a black and white photo?

Edit out sections of a picture (such as graffiti on a bridge)?

I think that's it for now. Your help is much appreciated.


I'm still very new to PS too but I'll try to help.


2) There's a few ways to do this but I would say you could just select the thing you want to be colored and paint it in.

3) Get rid of the grafitti using the clone stamp tool or maybe the healing brush.

Remember that in PS there's many ways to do the same chore, so experiment.

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