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Instant Photo Editor

Although this program functions fairly well as a photo editor, there IS NOT a cutout function anywhere on here. Also the free photo paper was no where to be found. The box the program came in is smaller than a standard sheet of paper so I don't know how they intended to get it to you. Also after 10 days I've received no answer to my emails to Data Becker about this problem.


I am in need of good advice of photo editor

I have on my PC Photoshop Elements, and I have to admit I am finding it really complex to use.

All the chat on the box makes it sound so easy. I also notice that there are many weekend workshops on how to use Photoshop 7 etc. so presumably they also think Elements is easy.

At the present there is a mag. called Digital Photo which is including a CD each month all about Photoshop, but at ?5 per copy it makes for expensive learning, and what is disapointing is there is so little about elements on it, they have even repeated stuff from previous months. I also bought the 'Dummies' book, but to be honest I am a 'visual' learner, books on practical stuff do nothing for me..............have you any advice on how I can increase my knowledge? :(


I understand that Elements is very similar to Photoshop, so some of the tutorials can still apply. I find Digital Photo to be a great magazine and the photoshop tuts are great. When I first started purchasing it was almost exclusively Photoshop tuts but they have started to expand into Elemants and PSP in the last few months, so its worth keeping your eye on.

As for how to improve, I am also a visual learner and I also like to run before I can walk. I found that with Photoshop I had to slow down and learn small parts at a time, still have a long way to go too. I found that following tuts helped but also focused the basics. I used books as referance material rather than reading them through. I found that the the product became more intuitive once I had the basics in hand. Things like adjustment layers sounded so complex at first but having greasped the basics they soon became a godsend.


does anyone know of a program where i can delete photo backgrounds or change them to white? i am currently catalogging my collection in a program that allows me to add pictures to the detailed description of each item. the problem i am having is i just want to have uncluttered detail of the individual items. when i use a white background i have too many problems with shadows. i am hoping that a program exists that will allow me to use for example, a blue background when i photograph the item and then remove all of the blue out of the photogragh. kinda like how they do it in hollywood.


There is a plugin for Photoshop that does exactly what you are saying. It is made by Digital Anarchy and is called Primatte Chromakeyer . You can find it at http://www.digitalanarchy.com/section_psd.html . They also have a plugin called Backdrop Designer to let you create your own backdrops.

I guess the difference is in how it handles removing the background and adding the other one. You will have to read about it for a more detailed description.


Easypicture Photo Editor

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