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PhotoSuite 4 Business Edition : photo editing software

Small-business owners can liberate themselves from the tyranny of graphic designers and create devastatingly cool images with PhotoSuite 4 Business Edition. Its slick, simple interface guides even visual-art novices through the process of collecting, altering, organizing, and publishing images with little to no hassle. Users can warp, crop, and rotate images, then create cool tapestries and panoramic shots until their eyes give out.

Playing with photos can be addictive, whether adding a few inches to an annoying cousin's waistline or finding the perfect color balance for a tapestry of products. Though these effects are neat, there just aren't enough to compare to a powerhouse like Photoshop, but for the price--and ease of use--it's hard to beat.

Once the fiddling is done, PhotoSuite helps the user organize photo files in albums and projects, share them online or through a network, and print them on the desktop or via online services. Experienced graphics workers will be frustrated at PhotoSuite's limited scope, but this package is aimed at small-scale or beginning users. The wizards are all powerful here, and most people will be grateful for the guidance, though backing up out of processes can take a few steps. The context-sensitive help is smart and useful--this is one of the rare programs you can really use without consulting the manual (though, as always, it does help).


I just got the photo editing program and some of the recommended books. I have been using the Kodak software and Photo Explosion. This seems like a daunting task. But i am quite adept at reading,absorbing and remembering info. I understand easily so maybe I won't have too much trouble. I couldn't even turn a computer on 3 yrs. ago and I have been thru 2 desktops and 2 laptops. now I really enjoy delving into the mechanics of programs. any tips and tecniques would be most helpful. Any problems anyone had i could avoid?


well...you shoulda' got the full version of Photoshop CS instead! :)

once you get used to photoshop's interface and working with layers, you'll be fine.


Photofinish 3.0 photo editing software

Photofinish 3.0 has a couple of problems. It isn't possible to use the registration form...you can never get registered! Also, it fails when loading some jpg files...about 10% of the jpg files I use cannot be viewed using Photofinish 3.0..I also notice there is a newer version 4.1, and maybe that one works better. Other than the two bugs above, I have used Photofinish in this and earlier versions a lot, and it is still my favorite program for getting photos prepared for newsletters, web advertising, and general clean-up of family snapshots...for that, it works great



I have just purchased PSP Version 8 to replace my very limited and cheap bundle. It has opened up a whole new world but I would appreciate any tips/advice from others who are well used to this software.


I personally use Photoshop, but try this for PSP.


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