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PhotoImpact-easy photo editor

I started out a while back with Photoimpact 4.2, and I've tried others. Ulead's 7th version of Photoimpact is a honey of a program. The layout is very convenient and much faster getting around to the different editing functions than Photoshop 7. I have a slow and outdated pc, so it's not as quick to start up like Photoimpact 6. PI-7 is really a fine product.


Fun photo editor

Is it possible to stitch photos in Photo Shop 7.0? Anyone have any hints, tricks, ect that is fun to do with photoshop?


manually do it, multiply the layers to line them up correctly, then flatten and fix the layer blend option...

Amazing Photo Editor - 5.3.1

Amazing Photo Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use software that help you view, edit, converter photos. 33 amazing image effects is included!


I just got my copy of Digital Photographer issue 19 from the UK (two months after the publishing date) and it has an amazing article on enlarging digital images.

It compares the basic Photoshop choices (Nearest Neighbour, Bilinear, and Bicubic) as well as enlarging in steps, and using Genuine Fractals as well as Extensis SmartScale. Getting to see results from all these methods printed side by side is incredible.


I had always heard that enlarging an image in steps (doing a series of 10% enlargements instead of one big 100% enlargement) yielded better results. I'm surprised to see that this is actually the worst method of enlarging images.

I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to quote from a magazine article in here but it is a very informative article.


You don't have to quote it verbatim, but you could give us the general gist of it! Sounds very interesting indeed. Paraphrase my boy!


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