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Photo editor for Macintosh

Give your photos amazing impact with Corel Custom Photo for Macintosh. This easy-to-use photo-editing software lets you add more than 30 fun effects to your favorite pictures and personalize your projects with over 10,000 graphics. Whether you're e-mailing projects or publishing them to the Web, Corel Custom Photo gives you spectacular photos in a snap.

From Winmag?

Corel Custom Photo is a very nice and sensible packaging of two separate Corel products, Corel Photo House 5.0 (its basic, easy-to-use photo retouching tool) and Corel Project Designer (a program designed to make print and photo projects like calendars, invitations, menus, and so forth). The combination pits Corel Custom Photo against MGI's PhotoSuite III and Adobe's PhotoDeluxe, both well-established programs that perform the same basic range of functions.

Project Designer is a delight to use. A standard left pane is used to display information about the current tool or item or effect while he project itself remains center screen. There are thousands of pre-built templates to choose from and customizing, adding more graphics, photos and text are all straightforward. A very nice tabbed interface on the main screen toggles from page to page in a project, for example from the front page to the inside to the back page of an invitation. The program is straightforward, easy-to-use and very fast, but could use a wider range of selections from the pre-existing templates.


Photo Editor with edge effects

I like the way certain Senior Portraits look when they have edge effects applied to them, like torn edges or faded edges, etc. Can this be done in Photoshop? I have version 5.5, but I can't find any information about creating these kinds of effects.


We offer two CD's of edge effects that you can use in PS. There are 300 on each one. You can view them at www.digitalphotocrafters.com/frames.htm.

The link is in the lower right.


When I have a TIFF or PSD file in PS, it won't let me save it to JPEG format, and it's really annoying. It will only let me save to PSD TIFF RAW PNG and PDF. What am I doing wrong?


What version of photoshop are you using? I use PS 7.0 and i have never had this problem. I always work in RGB colour mode. If you are working in another mode jpeg may not be an option. I hope this helps.

Add stylish frames to digital photos and enhance your personal albums, projects, websites or desktop wallpapers with remarkable ease. Choose from an extensive variety of frames, add them to your digital images and give them an impressive look.


Photo editor Tutorial

Any recommendation for photoshop CS online tutorial? Expecially for digital photographers?

Just wanna learn some image retouching technique.



Link to Adobe site tutorials.

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