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EdTech MASSGraphics - image processing software photo editor

EdTech MASSGraphics is intended for simultaneous processing of images in great numbers. It boasts a wide variety of image editing tools that can be performed on multiple files. Also, MASSGraphics allows you to convert any number of images from more.


Help! I am looking for a free photo editor program that is similar to PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro that will allow me to edit the digital photos I take with my camera. In addition to the usual basic features, these are some of the other things I would like it to do...

Allow me to either trim or resize and designate the change in inches

Red-eye fix capability

A one-click overall enhancement button

Anyone out there that has some experience with this know of a good free program that can do these things?


And besides .... Kazaa installs Gator onto your computer which is wicked annoying spyware that can wreak havoc with your computer and is a real bi$ch to get rid of.

I have been using that Pixia program but am going to try out GIMP.

Pixia has allowed me to get my head around some of the basic techniques about image tweaking but Gimp is supposed to be more Photoshop=like ....I guess.

Also check out Neat Image.

Free for the demo version (for home use ... no time expiration).

Its a noise reduction programm that I think (being a newbie) works awsome.


PhotoSuite concentrates firmly on correcting and editing images ?there's no bundled application to help you organise your snaps. Fire up the application and you'll find a number of frequent tasks on the left-hand side, from red-eye removal to contrast and exposure controls. If all that seems like too much work, the one-click AutoFix setting can correct common problems. PhotoSuite is a competent, if slightly limited, photo editor ?but if you want to organise your images too you'll need to look elsewhere.


Ameri-Imager for image editing

All in one solution for image editing, conversion, and viewing, over 60 image, animation, and video formats supported. Advanced features include batch conversion among formats; slideshow, Adobe PhotoShop compatible plugin support, and TWAIN acquire. All standard editing features are included.

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