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ReaJPEG - image converter and image editor

ReaJPEG is our popular image converter, allowing you to both convert and edit images from most commonly used graphic formats to JPEG. You can convert you images to JPEG either one by one or all at once as a batch job.


OK, maybe this is quite obvious and I'm missing it. I would like to be able to open, say USM, with certain settings, but be able to tweak them before it actually performs the adjustment. I know about actions, but actions require you to actually apply the adjustment before you can stop recording it.

For instance I'd like to be able to open USM to my contrast sharpening setting of 20/50/2 with one click, but then allow me to tweak up or down before I actually sharpen. Can it be done?


Yes, and I have to say that I didn't know either - I've just gone and messed with it for a while to work it all out...

Record your USM process as an action as normal and save it. Now go to your actions window. Next to your new action, to the left, are two boxes - the left hand box toggles the action on/off and the right hand box toggles the dialogue box on/off. Select it, and whenever the action runs it will display the dialogue with the original settings, but will not continue until you click OK.

Hope this helps.... I can do it for my own USM workflow now!


Paint Shop Pro is photo editor for touching up your digital pics, and the bundled Photo Album 6 provides basic image management.

For common tasks, like red-eye removal or retouching, a side panel guides you through the options available to ensure you get the best out of your snaps. If you're short on time, the One-Step Photo Fix will smarten up most pictures. It's a feature packed application, but at ?100 you may be paying for functionality that you'll never use.


Photo editor with layers (archived)

Ever wanted to create fake photos of yourself with a celebrity or world leader? Here? how.

? Photo edit with layers

? Cleaning and cloning

? Magic selection

? Paste away


It? been possible to doctor photos since the technology? invention. The beauty of digital photo editing, however, is the ability to manipulate images with much greater cunning and realism than ever before. The trick is to use a package that allows you to work with parts of an image as separate floating objects or ?ayers? enabling you to cut and paste objects from one photo into another, or overlay two images to merge them.

In this tutorial, we?l use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, which scored well in our test of photo editing software, to take the subject of a simple personal photo and paste her into another image, in this case, a holiday shot.


The two source images before... and after.

We?l also provide more basic pointers on using Paint Shop Pro to clean up and edit images in general. To get started you?l need to scan or download two images you wish to ?erge?and save them as maximum-quality (300 dpi or greater) jpeg files. Then open both in Paint Shop Pro.

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