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Zoner Photo Studio: digital image editor

Zoner Photo Studio 8 is a digital photographer's best friend! Bring in pictures from any digital photo source, correct defects, organize them, use and manage picture information and archive them.


I'm thinking of watermarking photo's on my website, but am unsure how to do it. I do have Photoshop 7, but perhaps there's something else I should think about using?


just create your watermark, save it... then apply it to your image using PS7's layering... then make the layer transparent enough to meet your needs. pretty simple. :)


SnapTouch : photo editor

Create collections, datestamp automatically, crop, rotate, resize, rename, view EXIF, view with snap stamping, red eye removal - all these and many other options for processing your digital photos are available with SnapTouch....

Shareware from AccentSoft Team


I'd like to take a photo, separate its color channels into layers, edit them independently, and then merge them back together.

For instance, in some pictures I've noticed that the grain is mainly in the red channel. I'd like to reduce grain in the red channel, but not the others, thus allowing me to reduce the grain without losing too much detail.

I have PS Elements 3.0 (photo editor )and a channel-mixer plug-in.

Another similar task that I'd like to try is a camera filter trick that I've read about: you take 3 exposures using certain color filters which, when combined, produce white light (i.e. normal color)... obviously you adjust for exposure. Thus, any object that is not moving looks normal, but objects that move will be the color of whichever filter was on the camera at the time of that one exposure.

I'm sure there's a digital way of doing this neat trick, but I just haven't been able to figure it out.


Well I'm certainly no PS pro, but I've never heard of anyone ever doing that before. There's lots of other methods for reducing noise, adjust colors and other corrections, but I've never seen this as one of those methods.

I'm not sure of the similarities between Elements and PS, but this site has some really good tips.

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