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Image editor for mac

Anyone knows a software for mac to resize my digital pictures ??


You can use your iPhoto software (which should already be on your computer) to resize your photos one at a time or even a whole bunch at the same time.

Just choose the photos you want to resize and go to file->Export (I think) then you'll get a dialog box asking you what size you want them to be limited to. Choose the sizes (width and height) and click the export (or save) button. The software automatically maintains the aspect ration of the original.

If by resize you mean cutting off parts of the picture you can also "crop" your image in iPhoto. I can explain this to you but you should be able to figure it out yourself. iPhoto is pretty intuitive. Of course, you can always check the help files of the program.


I am thinking of getting a new ibook or powerbook to handle the pictures from my new DSLR (and, of course, my ipod). Can anyone recommend the minimum mem, processor and screen size specs I would need to use Photoshop effectively? Also, are there significant advantages in using the Mac interface as opposed to the Windows one?


Any of the new powerbooks or Ibooks will run PS well. I would get as much ram and HD space you can afford. Ps looks and functions exactly the same on the mac or pc. I feel that OSX is far more stable then XP (or any MS OS) but some still perfer the pc.

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This feebie photo organizer has been made available by google..

Allows some basic editting of highlights, shadows. Gives you some effects.

reads exif info.

Download it at http://www.picasa.com/download/download_exe.php

Definitely not in in competition with Photoshop but its free ....

does open NEF files but they look way different when opened in photoshop

Gimp is definitely the way to go if you want a good free image editor.


I have PS CS, but I use Picasa as a simple way to catalogue my images by shoot date. Produces thumbnails of all types of images, including RAW, side by side.

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