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GIMP the best image editor

How many people use GIMP in here? I use PS CS, but have been hearing stuff about GIMP. Is it a free program? That wouldn't make too much sense if it is as high quality as PS, but I went to a GIMP website and it didn't look to have a price there. Does anyone prefer the one over the other, and are you using Mac or PC?


Yes it is freeware. It is no where near as powerful as Photoshop (I also use PS CS) but to be honest, most people who just want to make smallish adjustments to their photographs will be happy with GIMP (seeing as it is free).


Although I would love to have Photoshop, this photo editor is out of my price range. Through one of my newsletters, I got a great deal on PhotoImpact photo editor. I consider it a cheap knockoff of PS. I use it for any work that needs to be done with my images. From cropping to effects.

LOL, I used Mr. Gates Picture it today for some cards. 90 min. for 10 cards and another 30 for my PC to run normal again. Never again!


PHOTOSHOP PHOTO EDITOR: Creating an Adjustment Layer

To create a new adjustment layer with the photo editor, open an image with only a background layer, choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer, and then choose the type of adjustment to make using it (for example, a Levels adjustment, as shown in Figure 1). Although you can change the settings for the adjustment layer later on, you can? change the type of adjustment used on that layer.

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