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Easy Graphic Converter :image editor

Easy Graphic Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use graphic converter, image converter and photo editor utility that can covert image files and make thumbnails.

Easy Graphic Converter can both import and export images in the following formats:

Windows Bitmap (*.bmp, *.dib) ?

GIF (*.gif) ?

JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg) ?

Portable Graphics PNG (*.png) ?

ZSoft PCX (*.pcx) ?Adobe PSD (*.psd) ?

Targa (*.tga) ?

TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff) ?

Windows Metafile (*.wmf) ?

Windows Enhanced Metafile (*.emf).

Easy Graphic Converter can make thumbnails in two ways:

Best Fit.

Exact Size of specified width and height.


Photo Editor Q&A

I want to know what your feelings are about the Adobe Forums and how they could be improved or if you have anything negative to say about them. There has been some talk mostly rumors that Adobe has intentions of discontinuing the forums because of past problems.


Personally, I've found that there are plenty of other places to get the same or better info that's organized much better and covers broader topics than the Adobe forums.


Happy New Year Photo Editor - 2.1

The photo editor for creation of congratulations. The program will write your congratulation the cursor of the mouse on a desktop, written by you by hand. Will suffice to write boring letters, it is time to start to congratulate on a smile!


Digital Photo Editor

I am pretty new to digital. Here is my question. When i send pics to my computer,if i select "my pictures" when i open them in photoshop, i get thumbnails. I recently added an external hard drive, and when i send the pics there, all i get in phtoshop is a text description.Then i have to go to prefrences-thumnail to get the pic to open. When i check one and close it, i then have to repeat the process... How can i get them to show as a thumbnail right away?I have photoshop 5.0 Thanks, bob


not sure if this will actually change anything in ps, but in windows, when you have your my pictures folder open in windows explorer, click view and then thumbnails. then click tools, folder options, view, and then apply to all folders. give that a whirl. good luck.

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