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Photo Dater Editor is the ultimate program for placing date/time stamps on your photos.

This photo editor works with bitmaps (BMPs), JPEGs, and GIFs.

You can customize nearly everything about the stamp,

specifying your own format, position, size, color, and font.

You can date a single file at a time, multiple files, or an entire folder.


Can anyone recommend one of those Photoshop training cd to learn photo editor.


I would recommend this website.


That guy is a photoshop pro, and has had his website up for over 5 years now, offering tutorials, vidoes, and other goodies. He has recently, in the last couple of years, started making training cds. I haven't bought one, but I hear they are excellent. You can view quicktime videos of some of the stuff that's on them.


PHOTOSHOP PLUG-IN  for photo editor

colours photo convert B&W. Superb contrast.

1. Copy this files ( no zip files) you open this zip files.

2. you go to C:/program files / Adobe / photoshop cs / plug-ins /Adobe photoshop only / files paste.

3. Open photoshop programme.

4. open a pics.

5. you see, filter /fotomatic /hi-spot

6. finish.


How does Elements  photo editor compare with CS? .


Elements is great for it's price and as a beginner it'll probably work just fine for you. The huge price difference is because there's virtually nothing you can't do in CS. It's kind of like going from a sedan to a formula one racer. Sure they'll both drive you around, but there's a huge difference in performance and capabilities. Probably not the best analogy ever, but you get the idea. I use CS and love it, I learn how to do new things almost every time I use it and there's tons of help online for it. I'm no pro, but CS was definitely worth the price for me.


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